How it works

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How it works

For Consumers

Sign up for a free account, then shop and save on the regular price of goods and services.

There are 3 ways to save $$$ at

1. Discount Vouchers
Shop online or in-store to save money on the price of everyday items through our local business partner's coupon codes.
2. Cash Back
Shop online or in-store at participating local businesses to receive a share of our commissions.
3. Free Deals
Take advantage of exclusive special offers like free delivery or other products and services you'd normally expect to pay for.

Browse or search the stores for deals you can benefit from. Visit the store or print out the printable coupon to use in person. Make your purchase and save $$$ or receive free benefits as described in the offer or deal.

How Cash Back Works

Some stores pay commissions for referring our members to them, in which case we allocate a percentage of our commissions to our members. These cashback deals will be paid once the store has confirmed that you have made a purchase and pays us our due commissions. Once we receive our commissions, we will credit the agreed amount to your SmartAussies account. When a minimum balance of $10 has been reached in your account, you can withdraw the cash to your bank account.


For Local Businesses

Signup for a free account and add your listing in the form of a coupon, offer, or printable coupon. As a free member, you can add an unlimited amount of basic listings to your account.

If you would prefer to have attention-getting featured listings with HTML editing controls, please visit the Add Listing page to see the different featured listing packages available. You can also access this page from the My Account page, and by clicking on Add Coupons section.

If you would like to add your own banners to our website, please visit the Advertising page for 60 day banner packages located across our site.

Local business members can also take advantage of the savings available to consumers!