Smart Aussies was launched in 2020 by Eva Browne-Paterson who lives on Keswick Island in the southern Whitsundays.

The idea grew while relieving motel managers in the Romeo Group motels in Mackay & seeing what overseas travel agents were forcing local businesses to pay for bookings.

"Discovering the extortionate rates small local businesses were being forced to pay overseas companies was astounding! If it wasn't for Dick Smith's informative rant about supporting local accommodation venues on YouTube, many consumers wouldn't even be aware of the situation and its affect on Aussie businesses."

The Company

After participating in many webinars formulated to help the accommodation industry to make more direct bookings, Eva planned to develop a free directory to do just that... but catering to all Aussie businesses and all aged consumers. With those ideas in mind, and more than 25 years of marketing experience, Smart Aussies was born - with the aim, to keep Aussie money in Australia.

How COVID-19 Affected The Plan

Initially the project was to be targeted to Aussie travellers, but with lockdown happening, all manner of business faced challenges and change. People were finding themselves stuck and weren't travelling as often as they had before. It was obvious it would take some time to overcome the issues faced by this virus.

However, not to be put off by the restrictions, we decided to make the project available to any Aussie no matter what their situation... People are still looking to save money because finances are now tighter than ever. Local business still needs the support of the local community and travellers alike. So Eva put her favourite saying into effect and continued developing this website; "Onward and forward!"

The Mission

Our mission is to bring quality products and services to Aussie consumers at a discounted price saving them considerable amounts of money over time. We pledge to include and promote local Aussie businesses, saving them from paying exorbitant commissions to overseas companies and reducing them to lower, more manageable affiliate commissions, while generating more repeat business and customer reviews.